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Make a difference today!

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Center for Comprehensive Community Development (CEDIC)

Center for Comprehensive Community Development (CEDIC)

The Center for Comprehensive Community Development (CEDIC) is dedicated in its mission to nurture the holistic development of underprivileged children and adolescents residing in the Chimalhuacán and Nezahualcóyotl communities, both integral parts of the broader urban fabric surrounding Mexico City. At the core of CEDIC’s mission are three foundational pillars: education, healthcare, and nutrition, each dedicated to providing these young individuals with essential resources.

This comprehensive approach undeniably elevates the quality of life far the children and adolescents entrusted to our care. Presently, CEDIC extends its reach to over 400 boys and girls annually, many of whom grapple with the challenges of poverty or extreme poverty, linked to the scavenger community of Bordo de Xochiaca. Notably, this community stands as Latin America’s largest open-air landfill, nestled within Chimalhuacán.

Our Mission:

Positioning playful learning as a complementary form of education.

Ensure proper nutritional status for the beneficiaries.

Improve community health indicators.

About "pepena" and how we help

About "pepena" and how we help

children and adolescents access education, health, and nutrition
What will we do with your donation?

What will we do with your donation?

A CEDIC scholarship ensures that children residing in the Chimalhuacán and Nezahualcóyotl, from the 'pepenadora' community on the border of Xochiaca have:

General medical consultations, specialized medical consultations (psychology and nutrition), general dental consultations, and medications.


A comprehensive educational support program that allows them to enhance their skills through play.


An integrated values education program with playful activities.


A daily meal that provides at least 65% of their daily intake, contributing to optimal nutritional status.


Workshops on emotional education, neuromotor development, language and communication, chess and abacus, art, homework club, and a school for  parents.

Our cause in numbers

Our cause in numbers

Break the Cycle

270 of 1,000 donors

We are looking for 700 people to break the cycle of poverty. Join us and become part of this great community of friends helping to improve the lives of girls and boys in the Chimalhuacán and Nezahualcóyotl communities!

Donors today: 270 people

Our target: 1,000 people

Ends in:



My journey at the center started when I was 9 years old, and it turned out to be a pivotal chapter in my life. During my formative years there, I relished every moment, acquiring a wealth of knowledge while having a lot of fun. The center not only imparted valuable life skills but also instilled in me the importance of sociability, healthy interactions, and a profound appreciation for life's blessings. Gratitude became second nature, and I learned to recognize the significance of acknowledging every person's effort.

Education was a cornerstone at the center, where they not only assisted with school assignments but also patiently explained complex concepts. The resounding message was clear: school was paramount, and my dedication to studying would be the key to unlocking the benefits of a top-tier education.

My time at the center was akin to finding a second home. Disputes with classmates were resolved through peaceful conversations, and the teachers were always available to offer guidance. They genuinely cared for each of us, creating an environment that felt like a nurturing family. The experience was profoundly positive, leaving me with cherished memories.

The center introduced me to remarkable individuals and fostered within me a profound sense of appreciation. This valuable lesson has been a guiding light as I approach the culmination of my Law degree, a journey that has been significantly fueled by the experiences at CEDIC. With only one year remaining, I am deeply thankful for all that CEDIC has done to pave the way for me to achieve this cherished goal.

Thank you!

Eva Belén
Chimalhuacán, State of Mexico
Photo gallery of CEDIC

Photo gallery of CEDIC