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Is an organization and its objective is to drastically improve the efficiency of international subsidies and inspire a significant increase in cross-border philanthropy by centralizing, simplifying, and standardizing the equivalence determination process for U.S. donors.

It is a comprehensive center of philanthropy, which through visionary leadership, strategic donations, and world-class experience builds partnerships with donors to strengthen the common good in local and international levels.

It is a Civil Association that through a technological platform, helps to improve the way associations access and become eligible for corporate donation programs, facilitating access to resources from abroad.

The Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S number is a unique nine-digit identifier for businesses, identifies a company as unique versus other companies and it is used as a starting point for any company's live business identity.

The Mexican Philanthropy Center (Cemefi, as per initials in Spanish), is a Civil Association which objective is to promote and articulate philanthropic commitment and socially responsibility so that citizens, social organizations and companies achieve a more equitable, solidary and prosperous society.

The Private Assistance Board (JAP) is the governing authority that cares for, encourages, supports, monitors, advises and coordinates Private Assistance Institutions (IAP) incorporated in Mexico City, in accordance with the Private Assistance Institutions Law (LIAPDF, per initials in Spanish), which objective is to guarantee compliance with obligations and to preserve the foundation’s will throughout its entire life.

Filantrofilia is a non-profit civil association which objective is to strengthen and professionalize the social sector; it aims to maximize the impact of philanthropy by qualifying and professionalizing civil society organizations by using an innovative methodology, based on the best practices at international level.

It is a Civil Association, that brings people, ideas and resources together to inspire strategic philanthropy.