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Fundación MetLife gives a 7mp donation to Hospital Metropolitano in Nuevo León

Fundación MetLife gives a 7mp donation to Hospital Metropolitano in Nuevo León
  • Allied with Fundación Dibujando un Mañana there an event was held to deliver material and protection items to specially help medical and assistance personnel at the hospital.
  • Fundación MetLife has added assistance to public hospitals in 15 states of the Mexican Republic with a total value of $42,680,128.00 pesos.

México, Nuevo León, on July 6, 2020.- Fundación MetLife donated $7,100,150.00 pesos to Hospital Metropolitano “Dr. Bernardo Sepúlveda” in San Nicolás de los Garza, in Alliance with Fundación Dibujando un Mañana, to support and provide protection items and materials to medical staff to take care of patients in that hospital.

The Hospital Metropolitano, has 1,500 collaborators, divided in three daily shifts. The staff covering the COVID-19 area is in total 150 persons considering doctors and nurses who have to change their protection items every three (3) hours after each change of shift.

During the delivery of the materials event, different representatives of the Alliance and the Monterrey Health Sector were present and they expressed their gratitude to Dr. Genaro Nájera Montero, head of the Hospital Metropolitano Direction in representation of Dr. Sergio A Galán: “We know that the Ministry of Health of the State of Nuevo León is constantly working to take care of all our needs, but we are also aware of the fact that there are many other hospitals who depend upon this help and support, and therefore with donations from organizations such as Fundación MetLife, that enable reinforcing the enthusiasm of our collaborators by granting them the necessary items and tools to carry out their work with quality and warmth”.

“In these very challenging times for the country, we reiterate our commitment to the protection and health of Mexican families.  We are convinced that we can make the difference and we do it through Fundación MetLife México, by supporting and recognizing the enormous task carried out by those that take care of us, and therefore enabling us to comply with our objective, namely to build a safer Mexico”, highlighted Sofía Belmar, Fundación MetLife México President and General Director of MetLife México. “We appreciate and recognize the major task undertaken by all the Hospital Metropolitano personnel”.

Claudia Galán, Chairwoman of Fundación Dibujando un Mañana board stated: “This is an excellent example that you can get better results with significantly a bigger impact by working jointly. That is why I want to take this opportunity to thank Fundación MetLife. Thank you for believing and trusting Fundación Dibujando un Mañana to do this work. I hope that this is the first of many opportunities to work together in favor of those that are more vulnerable”.

Manuel de la O, Secretary of Health in Nuevo León, stated: “I am convinced that the government cannot phase this Pandemia alone. Today we are in a war against an invisible enemy and in order to be successful we have to associate with civil society and foundations like yours. Today, personnel and staff risk their own life to save other people’s life”.

Fundación MetLife, as part of its effort to build a safer Mexico is supporting several public hospitals and civil society organizations in 15 states of the Mexican Republic, and in total their donations to them amount to $42,680,128.00 pesos, to buy material and equipment such as portable X Rays, stretchers to move patients, mouth covers, gel alcohol, goggles, N95 masks, gloves, disposable gowns and Tyvek suits.

The allied organizations are convinced that we all have a commitment and responsibility to continue contributing to the development of our Mexico, especially recognizing the work carried out by doctors and assistants, the true heroes of this sanitary emergency.