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Music for Change

Music for Change

Soriana Fundación, A.C. and Fundación Dibujando un Mañana, A.C., for the fourth consecutive year launch the “Music for Change” campaign.

Ciudad de México, March 4, 2020-. Soriana Fundación, A.C. and Fundación Dibujando un Mañana, A.C., launch for the fourth consecutive year the “Music for Change” campaign in order to promote children and youth’s musical education in the Baja California, Guanajuato, Jalisco and Yucatán States.

What was raised during the month of March thru the voluntary contribution of customers from 169 Soriana stores, will be invested in social projects under 2 schemes: Comprehensive Development, which includes the development of efficient programs and curricula; and Infrastructure and Equipment, that implies the adaptation of facilities and instruments to provide quality services aimed at achieving results.

“We are committed to developing and educating Mexican children. Therefore, we are very proud to continue with alliances that have generated changes through creative and participating actions. From the start we have managed to positively impact 3,201 children, and this year, we want more,” said Claudia Aguado, Deputy Director of Soriana Foundation.

“At Fundación Dibujando un Mañana, we are convinced of the transformation power of music to improve the lives of girls, boys and adolescents, so we continue to bet on alliances such as “Música por el Cambio” (Music to Make Changes), and through them we promote their music education and strengthen civil society organizations that work with them,” said Katty Beltrán, Directora General de Fundación Dibujando un Mañana. This year “Música por el cambio” (Music to Make Changes) will support 4 civil society organizations:

•Tijuana Girls and Boys Club, in Baja California.

•Imagine in Guanajuato

•Kids and adolescents in Harmony in Jalisco

•Pro Mazahua in Yucatán

Throughout 3 years, the Alliance between Soriana Fundación and Dibujando un Mañana have been able to raise $2,615,598.5, that have impacted the life and development of 4 to 21 year old girls, boys and adolescents, basically in the states of Chiapas, Chihuahua, State of México, Michoacán, Oaxaca and México City.

With these actions and with this assistance program, Soriana Fundación reconfirms its commitment to collaborate in the construction of a better society through its three axes: childhood, food and support to the community.